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The Process Of Bottle Blowing Mechanism
Oct 31, 2017

1. Preheating: The bottle embryo after the infrared high-temperature lamp shines, the embryo body part of the bottle is heated to soften, in order to adhere to the mouth shape, the bottle embryo mouth is not need to be heated, so need a certain cooling device for its cooling operation.

2. Blow molding: The period is the now-preheated bottle of the embryo placed into a good blow molding, to carry out high-pressure inflatable, the bottle embryo blown into the necessary bottles.

Automatic blowing machine After the operation of the manipulator will blow the bottle of two of the operation together to complete, eliminating the intermediate artificially warm the bottle into the blowing mold of the process, greatly speeding up the production rate, of course, the price is higher than semi-automatic.

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