ZhangJiaGang D-REAL Packing Machinery Co,.Ltd take precise filling system as the main body, according to the user product technological requirements process, to provide best quality beverage packaging production line equipment and services, which is also our market positioning.

Founded in early 2013, located in the Yangtze River Delta emerging port industrial city, national civilized city - Zhangjiagang City Economic Development Zone. ZhangJiaGang D-REAL Packing Machinery Co,.Ltd adopt to the world's most new beverage packaging technology (Germany, Italy, France technology), and it integrated R & D, design, production manufacturing and after service in one body professional liquid beverage packaging equipment supplier.


Water Filling Machine
The 3-in-1 bottled water filling machine is applied to fill pure water or mineral water into PET bottles. This water bottling machine is working efficiency and reliable and easy
Juice Filling Machine
This automatic bottled juice making line is just used for juice, tea beverage hot filling. PET bottles, plastic bottles can be applied in this machine. The machine contains washing
Carbonated Drinks Filling Machine
The drink Filling Machine Manufacturer is mainly use for gas contain drinks filling.The three functions of bottle washing,filing and capping are composed in one body of the machine
3-5 Gallon Water Filling Machine
QGF type barreled water producing line is the core equipment in the 5 Gallon barreled drinking water producing line. It is the ideal equipment for mineral water,distilled water and
Ultra-clean Filling Machine
This machine has disinfectant washing, disinfectant washing, aseptic water washing, filling and capping in one body, automatic in total process, it is suitable for PET bottled
Blowing Bottle Machine
Fully Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine is applied with the most advanced international technology of maching bottles nowadays. The machine has the characteristics of automatic,

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