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Maintenance Of Labeling Machine
Oct 31, 2017

First of all, labeling machine maintenance must do a good job cleaning, labeling machine in the course of the operation is easy to absorb dust, so be sure to periodically clean up the labeling machine dust, labeling machine temporarily idle, should unplug the power, and covered with dust cloth, to avoid dust fall on the labeling machine, in addition, labeling machine high-temperature Belt also should be regularly decontamination, In order to better ensure the quality of labeling machine operation.

Second, the labeling machine maintenance must not forget to paint some lubricants, labeling machine in the long run after a certain amount of lubricating oil, labeling machine many parts, such as gears, bearings and gearboxes in the use of a period of time, easy to rust and wear, and coated with lubricating oil, you can ensure that the various parts of the labeling machine smooth, Labeling machine in the continuous work for more than 48 hours should be coated with some lubricants.

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