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Glass Bottle Labeling Machine Wide Application
Oct 31, 2017

"Sauce Market" glass shape more

There are many kinds of sauces, different brands of glass bottle labeling is not the same shape, leading brand glass bottle labeling machine, widely used in medicine, food, daily chemical industries.

The "Beverage Market" label has been tested

With the glass bottle label beverage, usually need to refrigerate, the bottle body surface water drops will let the labeling damage fall off, and the labeling area is big, therefore Gao in for the label choice, uses the high viscosity, the label width may choose freely the self-adhesive label. Labeling machine work process, specify the location of accurate labeling, a great limit to ensure the stability of the label.

"Wine market" labeling to be stable

With the glass bottle label Wine category, because of its slender bottle body, often lead to the transmission in the way of shaking, resulting in unstable labeling, so in the material selection of high-quality stainless steel, smooth and smooth transport lines, plus automatic correction function, the labeling to maintain stability.

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