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Eight Major Trends In China's Packaging Water Industry In 2019
Jan 11, 2019

Trend 1: Bottled water continues to grow rapidly
In 2017, China's bottled water market sold 11.176 billion liters (29.5 billion gallons), which has exceeded one-quarter of global bottled water sales.
The growth of bottled water is not only in China. According to Zenith Global, a global food and beverage industry consultancy, the total global bottled water consumption in 2018 is expected to exceed the sum of other soft drinks. “In 2017, bottled water consumption reached 418 billion liters, an increase of 92% over 2007, an average of nearly 7% per year, and an increase of 200 billion liters in 10 years. In 2017, the total amount of all other soft drinks reached 438 billion liters, which has increased since 2007. 24%, an average annual increase of 2%, an increase of 84 billion liters in the past 10 years."

▲In 2007-2017, the 10-year growth rate of global bottled water is 3.8 times that of other soft drinks. Source: Zenith Global

Trend 2: More and more new forms of packaging appear
PWIF predicts that bottled water will begin to move into collapsible soft drums and disposable drums. In fact, the top five brands in the Chinese market have already launched disposable barrel packaging.

▲ One-time bottled water from Nongfu Spring and Jingtian

In foreign markets some companies choose paper packaging and claim that they have lower carbon consumption and higher recycling rates.
▲ Canadian Natural Soda Water Flow Water Boxed Water

Based on the recycling rate of aluminum cans higher than PET plastics, canned water is also grandly debut. In fact, some brands have begun to try abroad


▲ San Peilu launched the first aluminum can fashion portable device this year.

Trend 3: Segmentation and differentiation of the bottled water market
As more and more Chinese consumers begin to drink packaging water, the common problem faced by brands is how to distinguish themselves from competitors. The segmentation market is still the overall trend of the bottled water industry.
At present, most of the cases are mainly aimed at children and maternal and child markets, but such products lack a set of authoritative national regulatory standards in China, and need to be further market standardization.
Children's Wear - Fan Effect of Crazy Animal City

▲Nongfu Spring and Hengda Ice Spring push "baby water" with low sodium as a selling point

▲Nongfushanquan Moyaquan

▲ Nongfu Springs fourth limited edition Zodiac commemorative bottle

Trend 4: The potential energy of natural mineral water will be released
At the PWIF2018 Packaging Water Industry Innovation Forum, China Food Industry Analyst Zhu Danpeng predicted that the simultaneous development of Chinese consumers' health awareness and health knowledge will allow many big brand companies to enter the high-end mineral water industry, and high-end mineral water will enter the real "The supply and demand are booming." The capital market continues to heat up the quality mineral water project, and the high-quality mineral water will usher in another high-speed growth. The growth rate is expected to be no less than 12%.

Trend 5: E-commerce platform creates new value more prominent
▲Tmall Mall searches for 12,000 items of mineral water

Trend 6: Family drinking water consumption scenarios will be mentioned more
As more and more consumers use the online platform to buy water, the British high-end water brand Harrogte cooperated with the packaging company DS Smith in June 2018 for the first time to introduce a larger volume of 10 liters in the box to meet the needs of the world. The needs of the same family are also committed to protecting the environment."
In addition, PepsiCo acquired SodaStream, a manufacturer of household soda makers, for $3.2 billion. Danone invested $106 million in the German start-up mineral water machine company Mitte, indicating that the two world food and beverage giants value the home drinking market.

Trend 7: Packaging water giants begin to focus on the sustainability of plastic packaging
As plastic bottles have been severely criticized, plastics have become at the forefront of national policies and debates, and the bottled water industry is being strictly monitored. At the same time, the bottled water industry is striving to promote greater sustainability.
Looking at the bottled water industry, sustainability must consider the entire supply chain: from the source of the water to the materials used in each bottle, to the way the packaging is collected and recycled.
▲ UK JUST Water packaging contains about 50% paper and uses plant-based plastics

Trend 8: More and more imported bottled water enters the Chinese market
Imported mineral water has always been regarded as the “rich and handsome” in mineral water, and the price has become the main reason restricting its promotion. However, with the increase of new rich people in the society, more people are willing to spend a little higher price to purchase imported mineral springs. Water and high-end water markets are gradually expanding with the concern of health issues.

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