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Classification Of Film Packaging Machines
Oct 31, 2017

Film Packaging machine can be divided into automatic film packaging machine, automatic film packaging machine.

Shrink packaging is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the international market, it is the use of shrink film wrapped in products or packaging parts outside, and then heating, so that the packaging material contracted and wrapped tight products or pieces, fully display the sale of goods, in order to increase the beauty and sense of value;

At the same time, packaged goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and to protect the goods from external shocks, with a certain degree of buffering, in addition, can reduce the product was removed, the possibility of theft; contraction film when the contraction of a certain tensile force, it can be wrapped in a group of items to wrap tight, play the binding effect of the rope belt, It is especially suitable for assembling and pallet packing of many sets of articles.

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