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Beverage Trends With Google Think
Dec 27, 2017

Trend 1: more and more concerned about the making process of beverages

The Google report shows that people have been enthusiastic about cold coffee for the past four quarters, showing a growing interest in the production of drinks.

This concern may be for the pursuit of better tastes, or for the sake of health or the pursuit of technology.

Cold coffee is a popular coffee practice in recent years, with a temperature or ice water to filter coffee, coffee bitterness and acidity less, presenting more sweetness and cocoa flavor.


Trend 2: people's tastes have been broadened, and more people are beginning to prefer the taste of the earth

As the health and functional food trend deepens, the taste of "sweet teeth", which is led by americans, has widened and is increasingly concerned with the smell of plants and herbs.

The matcha taste momentum of most consumers make maccha with anti-oxidation, reduced fat, but more still fell in love with this kind of taste, like it "like butter" taste "fat".

What is the next "matcha"?

It could be turmeric or chamomile or parsley.

But turmeric has been popular with trendy young people off the coast for a while.


Trend 3: drink water, drink more, and more expensive water

Consumers want it to be more convenient, more accessible and funkier.

Adding alkalinity, adding carbonation and upgrading packaging are all ways to attract consumers' attention.

Especially bubble water.

Bubble water has maintained a high degree of search since about 2012, when growth in the us and UK markets began to grow.


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