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Basic Knowledge Of High Pressure Spraying Machine
Oct 31, 2017

The Super Sonic Signal Generator produces high frequency oscillation signal, by converting the transducer to tens of thousands of times per second high-frequency mechanical oscillation, in the cleaning fluid (medium) to form ultrasonic wave, positive pressure and negative pressure high-frequency alternating changes in the way in the cleaning fluid in the Biamishang forward radiation transmission, so that the cleaning fluid constantly produce countless tiny bubbles and constantly rupture, This phenomenon is called "cavitation effect".

Bubble rupture can form 1000 atmospheres above the instantaneous high pressure, resulting in a series of explosions to release huge energy, the surrounding formation of a huge impact on the surface of the workpiece to continue to impact, so that the work surface and cracks in the dirt quickly peeling off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece surface.

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