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40-40-10 Water Filling Machine Finished Building
Dec 11, 2017

After two months extension working ,our 40 heads water filling machine finished and deliver to Fujian Province ,China today ,this 40 heads water filling machine capacity can reach to 20000BPH based on 500ml bottles.Its combine washing ,filling and capping into one body,and controlled by one independent electronic control cabinet.The whole machine running is driven by a speed control motor ,and the speed can be adjusted automaticlly .The core electronic parts are all applied to German and Japan famous brand ,like PLC Panasontic ,pneumatic parts use FESTO,Photoelectronic parts use Banner ,contactor and relay use Schneider brand.The machine frame base is carbon steel and the platform use SUS304 ,Washing filling and capping parts are all SUS304,filling valve use SUS316 .ANTI-CROSSION AND BEST QUALITY.


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