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The principle of beer filling machine
Oct 31, 2017

Filling machine is the process of filling around the start, its working principle is, from the bottle washing machine out of the clean bottle from the bottle into the filling machine into the bottle spiral, through the bottle star wheel to the rotary table of the bottle cylinder and raised, the mouth in the fixed device under the guidance of the pressure filling valve of the lower material, forming a seal. When the bottle is vacuumed, the back pressure gas (CO2) in the storage tank is flushed into the bottle, when the gas pressure in the bottle is equal to the gas pressure in the storage tank, the liquid valve is opened under the action of the liquid valve spring, when the beer is guided by the umbrella reflex Ring on the back of the trachea, and the bottle wall is automatically poured into the glass jar, the CO2 in the glass bottle, is replaced by a return tube and returned to the liquid tank, when the liquor rises to a certain altitude and shuts off the back of the trachea, automatically stops the wine, then closes the liquid valve and the valve, draining the pressure gas from the bottleneck to prevent the spout of the liquid liquor in the glass bottle falling, thus completing the whole filling process.

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