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The composition of labeling machine
Oct 31, 2017

1. Roll Wheel. For a passive wheel, a friction braking device with adjustable friction is usually fitted for placing a reel label, which is designed to control the speed and tension of the reel and to maintain a smooth paper transmission.

2. Cushion Wheel. Work with the spring, can be reciprocating swing, the purpose is when the device starts to absorb the tension of the reel material, keep the material with the rollers contact, to prevent material breakage.

3. Guide Roller. From top to bottom two components, the material of the reel and positioning role.

4. Drive Roller. Consists of a set of active friction wheels, usually a rubber roller, a metal roller, the backing paper in the meantime through, the role is to drive the reel material, to achieve normal labeling.

5. Rewinding round. For the belt friction drive device's active wheel, the function is the rewinding label the bottom paper, the paper collecting wheel's rotation receiving paper and the driving Wheel's processing paper each other to interfere, the synchronous drive by the friction device adjustment.

6. Stripping board. At one end of the board there is an angle (generally less than 30°), the purpose is to make the bottom paper in the stripping board change direction, the label is easy to mark, out of the bottom paper, to achieve contact with the labeling object.

7. Label Roller. The label of the paper is evenly and smoothly affixed to the items to be pasted.

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