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The Application Of Different caps in Beverage Industry
Dec 27, 2017

With the beverage market more and more mature ,more and more caps are appear into the market shelf ,today we will introduce different caps in bottle beverage industry:

  1. PE caps ,this type caps is the most common caps in beverage industry ,PE caps usually seal PET bottles.When you filled the water ,functional drinks ,concentrate juice ,we can use this caps.

  2. PP caps,this material caps usually used for filling carbonated drinks with PET bottles .

  3. Aluminum caps ,usually suitable for filling wine drinks and high end mineral water with glass bottles .

  4. Crown cap is applied for beer and other carbonated drinks with glass bottles .Its beautiful and sealing good .

  5. Three screw caps are normally for natural juice filling with glass bottles .

These five caps are the main style for beverage production line ,If you have no idea about what caps you are chooseing ,yfeel free to contact with me .

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