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Operation method of automatic pure water filling machine
Oct 31, 2017

1. First of all, carefully check the electrical and connection line has no loose, automatic pure water filling machine in the transport process has no collision caused damage or other screws have no loose fall off phenomenon.

2. The power supply, the equipment model is different, the wattage of the power supply is not the same.

3. Adjust the filling volume according to the required filling capacity and change the filling capacity by adjusting the time of the time relay.

4. Open the power switch, press the filling switch, the machine will automatically fill-stop-rehydration and other working procedures.

5. The use of rotary intermittent spray flushing, from the bottle into the transfer, bottle shelves, inverted bottle, synchronized bottle spray until the drain into the bottle into the filling.

6. The use of unique card mouth pressure filling, to ensure that the mouth and filling valve is accurate seal, eliminating the original bottle bottom filling because the bottle is not round or bottle-body skew and the bottle wall thin and the leakage of liquid phenomenon.

7. Adopt programmable controller control, realize automatic control of the whole process from bottle into machine to package.

8. The use of magnetic clutch to tighten the lid, torque can be adjusted to ensure the quality of the capping.

9. Where the contact with the liquid is made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements.

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