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Labeling Machine Description
Oct 31, 2017

1. The whole cover-type stainless steel material is made: The machine waterproof does not rust, comparatively hygienic;

2. Sleeve machine cutter can be adjusted: Unique maneuver cut off, double-sided blade, not easy to wear;

3. The Center guide column selects the single localization type: The label transports the stability high;

4. The bottle-opener of the Labeling machine is synchronized: the stability of the bottle conveying is high;

5. The precision of the sleeve is more accurate: adopt the brand-new way of labeling;

6. Labeling Machine Label Control eye Rack: unique tail and eye combination, membrane cutting precision greatly improved;

7. Control box Key Type: The operation is more concise and convenient, more humane;

8. Sets the standard material frame chooses the feeding type: The material frame position is free to choose, the work efficiency enhances.

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