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How To Tell The Difference Between Pure Water And Mineral Water
Jan 12, 2019


When people want to enter into the drinking water business ,they usually can not be sure what type of water they need to produce ,pure water or mineral water ?Here list some difference between these two type of water :

1.Elements :Pure water usuall purified by RO equipment ,and after treatment ,all water elements and salt will be removed include the bacterial and some benefical to human body;Whereas mineral water usually use the HF device to treat,it will retain the Se,Zn ,Li free dioxide and some other human body essential elements.

Drinking ways:Pure water can be heated before drinking ,whereas mineral water usually can not heat ,as in mineral water , some Ca and Mg ions will react with water and let water emerge incrustation.

2. Raw water source :Pure water usually use tap water ,ground water ,lake water and river water as a water source ,whereas mineral water has more stricit with water source ,the raw water must include humanbody beneficial elements ,it usually can be underground water ,mountain water and snow water .Both type water need to be far away from polluted area.

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