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how to make high quality bottled juice
Jan 09, 2018

One high quality bottle juice need to be natural ,sanitary ,least additives ,water and juice proportion is suitable .To make such standard juice ,not only the raw materail is very important ,the juice processing equipment is also vital for the final product.

The juice processing equipment must be meet the following standard :

  1. All the processing machine that contact the juice must be SUS304 or SUS316 material with food grade sanitary.

  2. The juice filling area shold be have 100 class cleaning room to make sure no pollution for the drinks .

  3. The juice filling production line must equip at least one operator to inspect the final products .

  4. The UHT sterilizer can not sterilize the juice for too much time ,otherwise the juice natural taste would be lost .

  5. To make sure the least additives in juice,we advise the juice manufacturer use UHT sterilizer machine and aseptic filling technolgy ,then the juice would not bear the high temperature ,so it can keep the origional at most possibilites .

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