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How to inspect one filling machine is good quality or bad quality
Dec 11, 2017

When buyer have intense to buy water filling machine ,but they face hundreds of supplier ,all suppliers says their machine is the best quality ,at this time ,the buyer and engineer how to tell which one is good ,which one is bad,here are some tips for buyer to definite :

  1. Whne you visit the buyer workshop ,you should watch out some details ,such as is the suppliers machine put order or just like a mess ,as if the workshop is a mess for general impression ,you will not expect how good the machine they can build.

  2. You can visit supplier warehouse to check their parts brand and processing precision ,then you will have a basic knowledge of this supplier.

  3. You can check their procesing machine ,like CNN machine ,drill machine and so on .

  4. Look out the workers spiritual outook,if the workers are all sloppy and undisciplined ,we can not have a much expection of what the good filling machine they can make .

  5. Let the supplier run one of their filling machine ,then you observe if the machine running fluently and put your hands on the machine and feel it ,if the machine have big shake and noise ,then the filling machine is bad quality .

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