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Filling Machine Regular inspection items
Oct 31, 2017

1. Arrange the electric control box line and clean the medicament in the electric control box.

2, check the liquid automatic filling machine electrical components contacts and thread contact is good, and the grounding line is good to do no leakage phenomenon.

3, check the motor bearing is abnormal, determine the insulation of the motor.

4, check whether the operating mechanism is flexible, scissors and bushings wear serious and whether the fastener is loose.

5, automatic filling Machine liquid level adjustment: Before filling each class first, the liquid level on the material box stem to put the liquid surface after the original height position (the position is not changeable), open the feed total valve (should keep each class of valves in the same position). The lowest liquid level of the material box shall not be less than the feeding outlet in the material box, and can meet the bulk filling, if you need to increase the liquid level of the material box, you need to raise the stem to the appropriate height, also can adjust the pressure of the liquid level controller, before work must close the filling machine

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