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Filling and transporting of filler
Oct 31, 2017

In order to ensure the safety of the production and equipment of the enterprise, it is necessary to pay attention to the detail handling in the process of transporting and transporting the equipment:

1. Transportation: In addition to the user designated packaging, in the filling machine for the transport process, the machinery generally used simple packaging, handling attention to avoid collisions.

2. After the removal of the box can be used in the filling machine in front of the main box fork forklift, but the length of the fork must be long enough to exceed the machine horizontal block.

3. In the process of moving the filling machine, should always pay attention to the direction of the filler is correct, but also always pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid collisions.

4. After the equipment selected the production position, in the most filling machine for landing, should have the relevant personnel around to support, lest the equipment because of the parking is not smooth, causing equipment side turn, bring unnecessary damage to the equipment.

5. With filling machine placed after the formation, must be the filling machine to carry out a comprehensive test, before the timing of the connection.

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