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Application range of high pressure spraying machine
Oct 31, 2017

1. Widely used in jewelry, watches and clocks, shell polishing wax and dirt, electronic parts and electronic, computer circuit board flux, rosin, precision devices on the grease;

2. Aviation, railway system production and maintenance, automotive motorcycle manufacturing industry such as gears, crankshaft, gear box, oil pump nozzle fittings, bearings, actuators, fuel filters, shock absorbers and other high-precision ultrasonic cleaning;

3. Precision molds, lighting, locks, knives, cutlery and other finished metal products packaging before the ultrasonic cleaning;

4. Light industry such as air-conditioning, freezer, refrigerator compressor, precision textile, silk nozzle, jewelry industry jewelry jade, surface treatment industry such as mechanical hardware parts electroplating pretreatment, non-metallic machine box coating, such as ultrasonic cleaning;

5. Cleanliness requirements of precision copper parts, zinc alloy parts, metal parts cleaning;

6. Especially suitable for high-grade watch injection molded parts before coating.

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