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Latest Application Of Stacker
Oct 31, 2017

Stacker is the core of the entire automated warehouse equipment, through manual operation, semi-automatic operation or automatic operation to carry out the goods from one place to another. It consists of a frame (upper Crossbeam, Lower crossbeam, column), horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading station, fork and electric control system.

1. The determination of the form of stacker: stacking machines, including monorail-type stacker, two-track stacker, roadway-type pile plant, single column stacker, double column stacker and so on.

2. Stacking machine Speed Determination: According to the warehouse flow requirements, calculate the stacking machine horizontal speed, lifting speed and fork speed.

3. Other parameters and configuration: The user's request to select the stacking machine positioning mode, communication methods. Stacking machine configuration can be high and low, depending on the specific circumstances.

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