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Common trouble-solving methods for filling machine
Oct 31, 2017

Pneumatic liquid quantitative filling machine common trouble-solving methods: Oil Filling Machine

One: Pneumatic liquid quantitative filling capacity is not allowed to solve?

In the filling of large specifications, the hopper fill insufficient, resulting in unstable liquid level, can increase the amount of material or the valve above the small cylinder, reset the filling time (lengthened filling time) to slow down the filling speed to solve.

Two: Filling machine liquid level stability, filling volume why not accurate?

There are sundries clogging filling channels, mainly in the hopper inlet or in the filling mouth, check and clean can.

Three: The filling machine closes how can drip?

This kind of failure, may be the filling mouth damage, can take out the filling mouth dressing mouth, repair the filling mouth after the mill sandpaper lightly grinding flat filling mouth can, another may be filling the head of the seal ring damage, need to replace the seal ring can be.

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