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Characteristics of automatic bottle blowing machine
Oct 31, 2017

1. Each heating zone is provided with an independent sectional temperature control, and the position and distance of the lamp and reflective plate in the heating zone can be adjusted according to the different shape and size of the bottle embryo to achieve the ideal heating effect.

2. Using constant pressure thermostat to control the heating of the bottle embryo to ensure the proper, accurate, stable and not affected by the change of input voltage.

3. The automatic bottle blowing machine according to different product needs can be matched double cavity double stretch cylinder, three-cavity three-stretch cylinder, four-cavity four-stretch cylinder or six-cavity six-stretch cylinder design, the function can be individually adjusted single cavity single stretch cylinder to adapt to the different needs of the adjustment machine or test mode.

4. The control system is equipped with automatic alarm function; The computer displays and alerts when an operation error or failure occurs.

5. Mold replacement is convenient and fast, in the corresponding machine in the scope of the mold without the need to adjust the thickness of the mold.

6. The Automatic blow molding machine is suitable for blowing 30 ml-5 liters of cold, hot filling plastic bottles or other plastic containers.

7. All automation of production process, can be accompanied by a combination of multiple machines to the full automatic production line, the entire production process without manual contact bottle embryo or finished bottle.

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